Atout [a´tu:], German noun (from French atout = asset)

  1. Trump in card games
  2. Chamber music ensemble founded in 2010 for the groundbreaking interpretation of an extraordinary repertoire

Atout’s music is first-class.
– Johannes Meissl

five x five

With a fantastic quintet programme we open the new season and play with our smallest ensemble five times: with concerts in St. Pölten, Fulpmes, Mieming, Klosterneuburg and Vienna.

10 years Atout

We celebrate ourselves, our love for string octets and great chamber music throughout the year(s): on November 12 at Klosterneuburg Chamber Concerts. With an octet by Joachim Raff, with 10 musicians in Astor Piazzolla's Estaciones Porteñas and of course with YOU – chapeau!

New dates!

Art does not come from ability, but from necessity. (Arnold Schoenberg)

We must? - Yes we have to! The tears and flames want out...
Even if it's difficult because nothing is the way it was: Let's start again!

Small steps are better than no steps. There will be four concerts this year. It is – once again – a new beginning for the Klosterneuburg chamber concerts.

This year's concerts are strongly influenced by the piano quintet. The well-known and popular Veronika Trisko takes on the leading role at the piano.

This concert is dedicated to Czech chamber music, which, with Antonín Dvořák, Bohuslav Martinů and Gideon Klein, is to be showcased in all its stylistic range. Gideon Klein's String Trio was his last work. He composed it in the Theresienstadt concentration camp a few days before his transport to Auschwitz.

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): Piano Quintet op. 81 in A major
Bohuslav Martinů (1890-1959): Duo for violin and cello H. 157
Gideon Klein (1919-1945): Trio for violin, viola and cello (1944)

In the final concert we undertake further musical excursions in octet formation. The Norwegian composer Johan Svendsen wrote a string octet that is an immediate successor to the Mendelssohn's. That of the living Mexican composer Emmanuel Arias Y Luna stands in stark contrast, full of melancholy and rhythmic energy!

Johan Severin Svendsen (1840-1911): String Octet op. 3 in A major
Emmanuel Arias Y Luna (
: String Octet op. 51*